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Last fall ‘Chadds Ford JunXion’ magazine interviewed me for an article, which appeared in their November 2020 issue. Great job, too.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy COVID Vaccines!

Happy New Administration!

Ro and I, for sure, plan to be in Ireland before the end of 2021. When we could not go last year, we got so “other-home sick” that we bought a pile of peat bricks to burn in the fireplace. The scent does bring you right back.

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Chadds Ford Art Show

COVID caused the Chadds Ford Elementary School juried art show to be cancelled last year, for the first time since its 1949 inception. Recently, the organizers notified exhibitors that they will host an on-line auction this year, over the course of a few days in March. I will post as soon as I have the details.

The great thing is that our friends and family in Ireland will be able to bid, too. And we will personally deliver!!

Now Offering Multiples

Sometimes people ask for prints of original paintings that are no longer available, I did make some, working with master printmaker, Frank Davis, but prints made one at a time are expensive and time consuming. It seemed like a better idea to stock immediately available fine prints of some of my more popular paintings.

So, the MULTIPLES page (under GALLERY) are offering prints. If your favorite painting is not available there as a print, feel free to send me an inquiry.